Gareth Icke Tonight - Sophie Ottaway

Gareth Icke Tonight interview

As part of Ickonic’s new series of long-form interviews, I was invited onto the Gareth Icke Tonight show to share my story.

I was given free reign to discuss my thoughts on everything without control – from my true experiences growing up through to my thoughts on gender affirming care and the work of Dr John Money.

Tune in live on the Ickonic subscription network to view at 7pm on Thursday 19th October.

The video will be archived for those who wish to view later and subscriptions start at just £1.99 for a month’s free trial.

You can see a taster below:


  1. Eileen Y D says:

    Thank you for sharing your story

  2. Margaret W Womack says:

    Thank you for Truly turning your Life around—as opposed to what the medical profession tried to do to you underhandedly—you Changed
    From serving yourself (your former coping mechanism) to
    Truly serving others and helping them to see the falsity,
    the madness, the evil of Dr Money’s (well-named) procedures known now as the “Trans Movement.”

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